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Why We Love Jimmy Fallon’s Thank You Notes

One of the most popular and enduring segments of  The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon is his weekly Friday night habit of writing thank you notes. In the segment, Jimmy writes hilarious thank you notes about both common and obscure topics.

Fallon screen grab

List after list of people’s favorite thank you notes can be found online, and include notes like, “Thank you cotton candy, for making my grandmother’s hair look delicious.” Or, “Thank you website button that says “forgot my password’... for basically being my password.”

There’s even a list online of Jimmy Fallon styled thank you notes, including this list of 7 notes from real estate agents.

What the segment taps into, and what makes it so popular as a staple of the show, aside from being hilarious, is that it reminds people of the joy that comes from handwritten notes. A handwritten note takes time, takes thoughtfulness, and focuses a person’s attention. All three of those things are in short supply, and so the simple act of writing and sending a note by hand communicates value and importance to a person and a relationship.

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