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Meet The Artist: Tina Wells

Meet TinaTina Wells' art is full of warmth, which no doubt reflects one of her favorite subjects: dogs. He painting is filled with vibrant color and lots of feeling. Take a few minutes and learn about this talented artist.

Where are you from? I grew up in San Diego. After high school I attended Westmont College in Santa Barbara where I studied Business and Art. 

How did you get started as an artist? Upon graduation, I moved back to San Diego where I started my art business painting commissioned murals and canvases throughout Southern California and beyond. This work was a full time endeavor for 10 years until my children were born, and I shifted gears to continue my art work as well as being home more with my kids. I am currently in this stage of life with my kids ages 9 and 15. 

What inspires you? Continuing to paint and engage in creativity is life giving for me. I am often painting for clients and working with my clients to create for them something that is meaningful and works with their style and decor. 

What inspires your work? When I have the rare opportunity to just create art for myself, I am most inspired by nature.... animals, fruit, flowers, a beautiful landscape, and I love color. 

What do you hope people feel when they see your work? My work is happy and joyful and I hope it brings a smile when viewed. 

Golden RetrieverHow many different ideas or pieces are you working on at any one time? My work is often large scale and colorful. I always have many ideas for pieces floating around in my brain or in a notebook, but I typically tackle one piece at at time. I enjoy working on a series of several different views of one theme. 

Your work is on note cards – do you send handwritten notes to people? If so, do you use your own cards? I love hand written notes and feel that it is sadly becoming a lost art. I write notes on my notecards featuring my own art, as well as the work of other artists. 

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