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Meet The Artist: Skip O'Donnell

Meet SkipFor Skip O'Donnell, creating meaning and connections out of nothing has been a driving force for his work since childhood. From vibrantly colored cupcakes to Santa on a surfboard, Skip's work elicits joy and sparks a story idea in every image. Get to know one of our favorite artists a little better.

Where are you from? Born in the cornfields of Iowa

How did you get started as an artist? Art has always been in me but I took my first black and white photo class in college. I was walking down a hall and saw some photos that had been created without using a camera and got intrigued and have been learning photo stuff ever since.

What inspires you? Seeing people overcome challenges

What inspires your work? Creating something from nothing

Jumping SantaWhat do you hope people feel when they see your work? A connection 

How many different ideas or pieces are you working on at any one time? It goes in swells depending on the season of life

Your work is on note cards – do you send handwritten notes to people? If so, do you use your own cards? I have a cousin in Japan I always prefer to write hand written letters to, but also anytime I want to be intentional with putting thought and care into what I’m sharing I prefer a letter or card.

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