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Meet The Artist: Magrikie Berg

Meet MagrikieFor Magrikie Berg, nature and color offer unlimited inspiration. Her work has been featured by the US Postal Service (she designed a set of scratch & sniff stamps), cookbooks, skin care products, and of course, Note Card Cafe cards. The South African-born artist was working on her stamp collection during an important time of life. “The year I worked on the stamps actually coincided with the year I became an American citizen,” the artist said, “which made the project all the more meaningful.”

Take a few minutes to get to know a little more about the wonderful Magrikie Berg.

Where are you from? Originally from South Africa 

How did you get started as an artist? After attending Otis College of Design in Los Angeles, I started working as an Art Director in Advertising. After many years as an Art Director, I branched out and started working primarily as a freelance Illustrator. 

Aqua BicycleWhat inspires you? Nature & Color. 

What inspires your work? Thinking what would bring people JOY.

What do you hope people feel when they see your work? JOY.

How many different ideas or pieces are you working on at any one time? I like to work on multiple ideas at the same time. 

Your work is on note cards – do you send handwritten notes to people? Yes, I think a handwritten note remains a beautiful gesture.

If so, do you use your own cards? Sometimes I do :)

Browse Magrikie Berg's work on Note Card Cafe

Instagram: @magrikie.illustration 
Facebook: @magrikie

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