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Meet The Artist: Andie Hanna

Meet The Artist: Andie Hanna

Meet Andie Hanna

Where are you from? I grew up in Columbus, Ohio. After college, I lived and worked as a fashion designer in Los Angeles, Dallas, New York and Minneapolis. I am now living and working back home in Columbus, Ohio.

How did you get started as an artist? I majored in fashion design and have worked as a fashion designer for about 20 years. I fell in love with print and pattern design during my career in fashion design and left my full time fashion job in 2012 to pursue my new passion and start my own business licensing and selling my artwork as well as creating custom designs.

What inspires you? I'm very inspired by travel, nature (especially botanicals), my kids and everything vintage.

What inspires your work? Much of the above as well as characters (lots of great inspiration from children's books) and ethnic textiles from all over the world. 

What do you hope people feel when they see your work? Happy. Most of my work has some degree of whimsy in it. My cute critters are more obviously whimsical but even my botanicals have a bit of whimsy in them. I hope that my work puts a smile on people's faces.

How many different ideas or pieces are you working on at any one time? It ranges but I'm usually juggling about 3-6 different client projects at a time.

Your work is on note cards – do you send handwritten notes to people? If so, do you use your own cards? I DO!!! I do send hand-written notes - I think it's somewhat of a lost art that is coming back into popularity. There's just something really special about a hand-written note. It's ESPECIALLY fun when you can send a note that has your own designs on it!

Be sure to look through Andie's collection of work on our site here. You can also follow her on Instagram: @andiehannadesigns

Andie Hanna Collage

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