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Great Ways To Use Patriotic Marketing Materials

Patriotic holidays such as Independence Day, Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, and even sporting events that feature national teams (Olympics, World Cup, etc.) can provide fantastic opportunities for communicating with your customers and audiences and establishing, reinforcing or growing your brand awareness and loyalty.

But simply using red, white, and blue colors or a bald eagle doesn’t make you stand out. To really make these opportunities count, we encourage you to take some time to think about how you can communicate in an honest and authentic way that creates a connection with you and your brand. Here are a few ideas to consider:

Promotional Materials Are Vehicles For Your Message, Not The Message Itself: We offer lots of fantastic promotional marketing items that have patriotic themes. We like them a lot and think that they can be a great vehicle for reaching people. But that’s the thing: they are vehicles for helping you express your values, messages and dreams, and the ways that you can serve others.

A patriotic note card that shares your gratitude or story puts that story or sentiment into a context that can give it extra meaning and weight. And tying that emotion to a patriotic calendar at the beginning of the year can remind people of your story and your values.

Set The Proper Tone: Patriotism is personal as well as shared by communities. So communicating in the proper tone is important. Many brands use humor, but when you’re working with the founding values and ideals of a nation, that can be a difficult needle to thread well. Take some time to consider the tone and voice you want for your patriotic messages.

Old Glory Home

Be True To You: When communicating using honored ideals and values like Freedom, Liberty and Equality, it’s important to communicate in ways that are honest and authentic to you, and that respect the depth of meaning of those ideals. The temptation is to cover everything with buzz words, flags, and eagles to show just how patriotic you are. But a more powerful way may be a note about why you love and appreciate your freedoms, or a story about you or your family’s history in the country.

Jeep may be one of the best examples of this. The automaker was ranked as America’s #1 Most Patriotic Brand in 2018. And a review of their ads and social media accounts shows that they express the optimism and possibility of America with their visuals more than their words or blanketing everything in a typical patriotic color scheme. Jeeps conveys an aspirational message about America and encourages people to explore and experience the country.

Share Something About You or Your Business That Relates: Were you able to start a business because of the environment of opportunity in America? Have you been able to grow a business that employs local people and strengthens your community? Did you learn valuable skills in service of the country that you get to use today? It’s not a challenge to exaggerate or one-up anyone, but simply to reflect on the opportunities that you’ve been afforded and how you’ve used them to make your world better.

To give you an example, here’s something from us: We’re an American company that had an idea and was able to chase after it. We’ve been fortunate to have grown and we’re grateful to employ many members of our community. Among our core values is that we leave the world better than we found it. Those are values shaped by a country that provides opportunity, fosters community, and celebrates service. So when we celebrate America, we do it with humility, respect, and gratitude for the freedoms and opportunities we’ve been provided.

We hope that these ideas are helpful, and that they help you to create messages that resonate with your customers and help them relate with you. If you’d like to see what patriotic vehicles we have to help you share your message, just search our site for Patriotic and you'll see all of our options, or call one of our Customer Happiness representatives to explore how we can help.

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