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5 Reasons To Send Handwritten Notes

There are few things like a handwritten note card that are a physical and tangible expression of the way you value a person and their time. Whether used as an introduction, a follow up to a meeting, a thank you note for a successful deal or working relationship, or just a means of touching base, few things have the weight and impact of a personal, thoughtful, handwritten note.

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When Home Depot CEO Frank Blake announced his retirement, he was flooded by notes from employees. It turns out that Mr. Blake was a prolific note writer, having sent over 25,000 handwritten notes during the course of his career, including some that had been framed and hung in stores. Mr. Blake may be an extreme example, but the lesson remains that handwritten notes make a different.

Here are five more reasons that handwritten notes are one of the most effective and meaningful ways to stay in touch with people.

  1. It Sets You Apart: People are increasingly comfortable with ignoring emails and text messages. The sheer amount of electronic communication can overwhelm and make it tough to connect. A thoughtful handwritten note card cuts through the digital clutter and sends a clear signal that you are someone to pay attention to.

  2. It Makes You More Influential: Writing a note by hand immediately shows the importance of the relationship with a recipient, and that means something. The psychology of a handwritten note is significant in the ways that it communicates to the person receiving your note.

  3. It’s Personal: A handwritten note card is a tangible expression of your time and thought. There’s no way to autofill or voice type a handwritten note. Time is still a valuable commodity, and a handwritten note lets the recipient know that you’ve invested time in them.

  4. It Can Help You To Clarify Your Thoughts: A handwritten note allows you to clarify what you want to say. There’s no good looking way to start a thought and then rewrite it, so it forces you to be clear and thoughtful. This may also help you to remember the core message that you’re communicating through the note.

  5. Gratitude Is Good For Your Mind And Your Body: Science is increasingly showing that simple exercises in expressing gratitude, like writing notes, are powerful ways to increase a grateful mindset. These actions actually affect the ways the brain works to remember the feelings of gratitude long after the exercise is complete. In addition to the positive effects on the brain, it turns out that written expressions of gratitude are also good for the heart. Like, your actual, physical, beating heart.

Taking just a few minutes a day to write notes can create enormous opportunities and connections. Whether sent to business associates, friends, family, or your local barista, a handwritten note is one of the most valuable ways you have to build relationships, as well as improve your own mindset.

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6/24/2019 8:29 AM
Thanks.  I like this article.

There was a recent milestone in my life.  My co-workers wrote hand-written notes on a card expressing their support and congratulations.

I have that note card posted in my office.  Whenever I need a little boost, I would look that note card and read the encouraging words.