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5 Easy Ways To Make A Habit Of Handwritten Notes

“I like to think that I’m a note writer.” A version of that is a common expression. Then life and busy-ness enter the picture and a stack of notecards gets buried lower in a pile on your desk or moved to the back of a shelf.

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Making a habit of anything can be a challenge, but there are ways to develop healthy new habits, and sending handwritten notes to people is one. We’ll go over five easy and practical ways to become a note-writing guru, and someone that makes positive impressions and connection everywhere you go.

    1. 1) Start your day with notes: Put aside the email, stop looking at your social media feed, and think of one person you want to connect with. Now take 10 minutes at the start of your day to write a note to them, and address and stamp the envelope. You’ll be able to focus your attention on one person and what you want to communicate to them. Focusing on that action may help to reorient your brain and deliver health benefits. That’s a great way to start your day.

    2. 2) Set a goal: There’s no magic number of the length of time it takes to form a new (positive) habit. But having a measurable goal is a sure fire way to hold yourself accountable. Start with 30 days and assess the progress along the way.

    3. 3) Give each day a theme or target: Narrowing your audience can help to make decisions. Perhaps you write a note to one person you’d like to do business with on one day, write a friend on another, write a co-worker on another, and then think of someone you encounter often (a barista, a restaurant employee, a teacher, etc.) and write one note a week to one of those people.

    4. 4) Include birthdays: Set calendar reminders for a week or two out of birthdays for family, friends and close associates. Work those dates into your routine and soon you’ll be a birthday card sending guru!

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    6. 5) Give yourself some slack if you miss a day: Developing a new habit isn’t about an all-or-nothing proposal - it takes time, and some days are easier than others. If you miss a day, just start up again the next day and allow yourself to grow into it.

The hardest step is the first, but once you’re developing a new habit you’ll notice a change in yourself and in those around you. We’d love to hear how your hote writing habit is going. Send us a note about it and we’ll share it on our blog and social media (and send you a handwritten note of thanks as well).

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